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Our album was released in the US - yeah!








this our little diary...

GRAND PALOOZA am 2.5.2014, LCB Barmen, Wuppertal

Yippie... wir freuen uns riesig!
Unser Heimspiel am 2.5.2014 im Haus der Jugend Barmen / LCB, Wuppertal

anna.luca - Gesang, Keyboard, Komposition (Club des Belugas, Small Friendly Giant)
Mathias Höderath - Tasten
Jonas Bareiter - Bass (Triowabohu, Jan Röttger)
Stefan Weituschat - Gitarren
Chris Mohrhenn - Schlagzeug (Triowabohu, Royal Street Orchestra, Jan Röttger)
Laura Loeters - Backing Vocals (The Day)
Cornelius Thiem - Cello (Royal Street Orchestra, Jan Röttger)
Chris Huber – Geige (Royal Street Orchestra, Jan Röttger
...und Special Guests!


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Liebes Dortmund:
Jones, Hödy, Lovely Laura und unser Techniker sind aus Berlin unterwegs zu Euch, unser großartiger Sub-Schlagzeuger Jannis sitzt gleich im Flieger aus der Schweiz, Stefan fährt gleich in Düsseldorf los und ich klemm mir mein Keyboard unter den Arm und steig in Wuppertal in den Zug. Wir sehen uns heute Abend!
Roadtrip 2000 (-:

P.S. und ich soll liebe Grüße von unserem Schlagzeuger Chris ausrichten. Er ist grad mit seinen großartigen Jungs vom Royal Street Orchestra in Russland im Schnee unterwegs!


Cover Shooting - probably the coldest ever!
(Patrick and Elisa Essex (camera), Lulu (hair, make up) and Chris (everything else)
Check out "our" great photographer and his lovely wife at


We've been so busy... I love that!
We've started to rehearse for our new record and for the big annual show in Wuppertal (info coming soon!). We meet ev'ry week and sometimes a obviously total overqualified backing-singer () has to sub for Jonas on bass (-:
Oh, I love my band!
Now orga-breakfast with Jonas and Chris....

Such a good and patient friend! And SHE´s swedish too...
Since today I´m sure my NORD is a girl!


Radiant thoughts...

The sound of the new album is constantly changing. It is terrifying and exciting at the same time! I´ve decided to let go and let the songs shape-shift for a little while more...

Not a very easy exercise for me!

by CM
by CM


Thank you person responsible for rain for making it stop the minute we went on stage, thank you Carsten (and your gang) for the invitation and for serving hot tea ON STAGE (how Rock' n' Roll is that?!?!), thank you Schallmeister for the crazy good sound (no words - just love!) and thank you all for coming, freezing and listening - you rock!

And by the way: let me introduce our wonderful sub-drummer JANNIS KNÜPFER.


Düsseldorf, von Herzen DANK! Selten so viel Spass gehabt!!
Jetzt die letzten Sonnenstrahlen genießen und Füße hochlegen...


Duisburg, stell den Wein kalt! anna.luca et monsieur batterie heute Abend im GRAMMATIKOF, Duisburg


Wuppertal - DANKE! Das war großartig...Heimspiel der wunderbarsten Sorte!


Songwriting with a view - there is no place on earth I´d rather be and there´s nothing I would love to do more!


France, you are treating us well! THANK YOU


Vielen Dank, Worms!! Das war großartig!
And special thanks to the wonderful fans that travelled 1600 km from Cambridge to hear us are crazy!!!!
Next stop: dinner in Paris!


And here we go:
anna.luca "summer of love - tour" has begun!
Surfboards waxed, instruments tuned, new songs ready, solar-soul battery charging, kids in the backseats "are we there yet"?!
First stop: Jazz Festival Worms tonight...
Life is gold!


This week: writing-heremitage with the most wonderful view and grand-piano! I´ll let you hear the results...
This is (hopefully) going to be the last writing session for the new album. I´ll have to let my 2nd baby move out soon...scary (-:

5.6.2013 - You are beautiful when you are angry, Turkey!

Look at these wonderful people! Do they look like fascists, drunks or terrorists to you? They're looking beautiful to me! I'm deeply moved by this...!
Mr Erdogan, democracy isn't a train you jump of when you've reached your goal!
Stand strong - stand together, Turkey! You sure are beautiful when you are angry!

******************************WE LOVE TURKEY*********************************


So etwas passiert, wenn die Jungs die Mädchen (schwanger!) im Studio alleine lassen.

Von solchen Songs hab ich noch ein paar in der rosa Schublade liegen. Die gehen da zusammen aufs Klo und trinken Latte bis sie irgendwann vielleicht mal raus dürfen!

Meine Freundin Anne sagte dazu nur: "Oder pPosecco? Oder Aperol Spritz? Oder 45er mit Milch...mmh, Mädchengesöff mit Mädchenmucke..."




Maternity leave (-:

3 band kids are going to be born this spring - it´s a very good year! We are going to be on tour with 5 kids this summer....LOVE THAT!




Recording Session!

My boys, Laura and me have been recording 6 songs to find out what we want our next album to sound like. It´s wonderful to work like this - very open and very playful. We don´t have to nail it yet... Everything is still possible!

Our sound engineer Marcus Ugljanin was the man - again! Thank you so much

We are now going to take a short baby-break...

We´ll be on the road again this summer (France) and in autumn (Germany) with new songs and a lot of kids (-:

Next Gigs:

22.3.2012 anna.luca LIVE @ Steinbruch, Duisburg

18.1.2013 anna.luca LIVE @ Grammatikoff, Duisburg




Next Gigs:

27.11.2012  anna.luca LIVE @ Théâtre "Inouï", Redange, Luxembourg

1.12.2012 anna.luca LIVE @ Arnsberg, Germany

1.2.2013 anna.luca LIVE @ Vellmar, Germany -CANCELLED!






We´ve been on tour in Russia! What a trip.....

Thanks again to Booking Machine Agency!!! We love you guys!



Was für ein großartiges Konzert! Vielen Dank für die Einladung, liebes Zeltfestival! Wir kommen gerne wieder...

Auf der Gig Top 10 Liste ganz weit oben!!!!
Auf der Gig Top 10 Liste ganz weit oben!!!!





YEAH, YEAH, YEAH - `leave golden prints on my skin´ LIVE @ Stadtgarten, Cologne finally online!

Special thanks to our wonderful, wonderful Dorina Köbele-Milas for the video (, Marcus Ugljanin and his team for the amazing live sound and the great recording/mixing job (, to the Stadtgarten - Cologne for having us, to the best band I could think of and the greatest audience you could get!

It surely was a night to remember...

Thank you so much - I´m blissed!!









Club Des Belugas feat. anna.luca

Two of our songs are on the compilation of the Cosmopolitan Magazin (June) - in stores now!

So no bikini-cover-girl - just music!

Oh yeah, we like it!





After a wonderful spring promo tour we´ll be in England and France this summer playing, writing and relaxing together.

In autumn we´ll be on tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you want us to play in your city - write a mail and we´ll see what we can do (-:








The first edition is already sold out so we had to re-press....



Thank you so much for buying our record! It means the world to us...
There is a big debate about copy right and the value of all kinds of art in Europe right now. I think that is very important! This might not be the right place to discuss this but:

If we don´t get payed for what we do we can´t pay our is as easy as that!

So please help us to continue doing what we love the most: MUSIC

"Music was my first love and it will be my last" -

Love, anna.luca









MAURICE REDMOND design, BJOERN RICHIE LOB photography - I´m speachless!

Thank you so much for working so hard and making the cover look like my music sounds...

I love you guys!

by Björn Richie Lob, Maurice Redmond
by Björn Richie Lob, Maurice Redmond

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